My 2012 Word of the Year

Happy New Year's Everyone!
We had such a wonderful day yesterday, it was the perfect way to end one year, and start another.
I love all the possibilities of a new year. I love a fresh start and the feeling that anything is possible. I also LOVE choosing one word to keep in my mind all year long, something I hope to focus on to help me become closer to the person I want to be.
This year the word I have chosen is CHERISH.
My life is such a beautiful gift, but am I truly cherishing it?!
I have a wonderful husband that provides for our family, not only supports my choice in staying home with my children, but LOVES that I do, and tells me everyday how much he loves me....do I truly show him how much I cherish him?
I have 4 fantastic, loud, wacky, dramatic, precious children. They have given my life purpose that I had never known, they have made me better and each has stolen a piece of my heart. Do I show them daily how much I truly cherish being their mother?
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Do I cherish the opportunity I have to serve? Do I cherish the chance I have to listen to a modern day prophet, read sacred scripture and commune daily with my Heavenly Father? Do I cherish the covenants I made in the temple and attend regularly to serve there?
There are so many more things in my life to cherish. I think we get in a rut sometimes of thinking "I will just be happy when...." I don't want to waste a minute of 2012 waiting for "when...."! I also tend to get a little nervous when things are going well. Anyone else? Almost like I'm waiting for something bad to happen, because really, isn't that how life can sometimes be? But really, how can you cherish your life if you are just waiting for something bad to happen??
Life can be SO hard! Some days I feel completely overwhelmed, inadequate and underappreciated! But on those days all it takes is to look around, see all the things I have been blessed with, to see there is truly SO much to cherish.
So if you are picking a word this year, I wish you luck!! I am excited to begin my year of recognizing, appreciating and CHERISHING all that my life has to offer. Life is not perfect, but it was never intented to be. Without the trials and tribulations there would be no growth, no progression. And looking back on my life and thinking I didn't learn a thing is scarier to me than those inevitable twists and turns anyway :)
A very Happy New Year's to you all and may we all have a very cherished 2012!!



i agree!! Happy new year to you and your family! I am your new follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can!

Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com

Great list Tonii! I think the initial covered yo-yo is my favorite!


It is true, we take so much for granted. Thanks for the reminder and happy new year!


Thanks for the comment, Tonii! I love the word "cherish" as your pick. I tend to be stuck in that "I will be happy when..." rut, too. Hoping to break out of that more this year! :)

Jess@Balancing The Dream

Cherishing is such a great word to live by!! Your post was perfectly stated!! you are such a great writer!!