Kind Words Printable (perfect for Valentines!)

I had an idea yesterday that simply COULD NOT wait! :)

If you remember, earlier in the year I posted about our family motto for 2012. You can read all about it HERE.

The motto we chose is Love is Spoken Here. I feel very strongly that home needs to be a safe place, a place where you always feel loved and important. Seeing our motto up in my living room made me think about last year around Valentines Day. I did a fun Family Home Evening that used conversation hearts to tie in the importance of using kind words. I wanted to do something similar this year when I thought up this idea last night.

First of all, I wanted a printable that talked about the importance of words, kind ones especially! I FIRMLY believe in the importance of words. They have the utmost ability to build you up or completely tear you down. Saying something kind is something SO small we can each do in our own lives to bless those around us. I have some people in my life that thing I am really awesome. They think I am more awesome than I am :) But because of their kind words...I want to try and become that awesome person they think I am . THAT'S what words can do for us!
I made this printable using one of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa

After I had my printable all ready to go I placed it in a frame for this purpose:

Starting February 1st, every day we will pick a kind word or phrase that we will focus on for the day. Using a dry erase marker we will write that word on the frame to help us have a constant reminder. We will continue to pick a new word every day until Valentines!

I am so excited to see how using more kind words will change the spirit in our home. I am excited to focus more on the words I speak to my children and husband, and everyone else in my life. If you want to join me in this challenge, I made some printables for you too :)

All my Valentines Decor is in Aqua, Hot Pink, and Light Pink. In case you are a little more traditional with your colors, here is one you may like too :)

In the spirit of this post...THANK YOU so much for all of you that take the time to leave me so many kind words on this little blog! It always brightens my day and makes me want to be better.

I hope you enjoy these printables and that you FEEL the love more in your home as you focus on Kind Words!! :)


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Tonia L

That is such a wonderful quote! What a great idea to pick a word of the day to focus on.


OH, this is great! What a wonderful reminder for everyone. And thanks for the printable!


cute and so darn true, thank you!

Michelle Paige

What a great idea! I love how you are purposely bringing these 'kind' words into your home.

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

What a beautiful quote! I love when I have those project ideas that just can't wait, unfortunately, they seem to come at like midnight and I am in need of supplies & no one is open. I vote for 24 hours craft stores! Love the printable...thanks for sharing.


These are so pretty and I just love that you can focus on a specific word using the dry erase method. That is brilliant. Thanks so much for joining us at Link It Up Thursday!


So very clever!! I will be printing one our for our family for sure. I LOVE it.

Lisa Kay

I LOVE this! This is just what my family needs...you are so creative Tonii, thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!