Pineapple Waffles and Tropical Green Smoothie

We had a simple, fun breakfast last week that I thought I would share today! We were still learning all about Hawaii and this little gem came to me as I was driving to the gym in the morning...isn't it funny how our crazy minds think of things?! :)

Pineapple Waffle and Tropical Green Smoothie

The whole thing took about 5 minutes to throw together...a must for any breakfast in our home!

First up you have your smoothie. My sis in law made these for us at our last girls weekend and I LOVED them! Its so simple, you just toss in the blender 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, one banana, half a bag of frozen fruit (I used mango and pineapple) and some V8 Splash juice (I used the mango peach). Blend it all up and enjoy! Yes...it is kind of a yucky color but my kids LOVE them and I love that they are chugging a cup full of spinach first thing in the morning :)
Add a fun little tropical umbrella and the kids think its really something special :)

For the pineapple I just made some whole-grain toaster waffles, shaped up the sides, and used apple slices to make the top.
Nutritious, filling, and FUN! Hope you enjoy! :)