Top Posts of 2011!!

I have absolutely LOVED looking at everyones Top Posts of 2011! Its so cool to see so many great ideas in one post...I just had to do one myself! :) These are the most viewed posts of the year and it was really fun looking back and remembering some of the things we did this year. It was also quite funny to see how much better my pictures looked after I got a new camera and discovered Picnik ;)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Top 11 posts of 2011 at Blue Skies Ahead!!

Summer Bucket List

My attempt to make sure summer didn't go by without us doing everything we wanted too, and using a cute dollar store bucket to make it happen!

This to date is still my families favorite FHE...I wish I could come up with good ones like this more often ;)

Our monthly service project in October, we took these fun treats and a packet of local info to all our new neighbors.

This is the focal point of my sweet baby Avrie's room, super simple and easy way to use up some of your smaller fabric pieces, plus a little different than just spelling out baby's name :)

I couldn't belive how many views this project got, I guess candy corn anything was all the rage this year!

This one had such a huge impact on our family, I am SO glad others viewed it and used it in their homes as well.

Jar filled with all sorts of activities the kids could pick out to beat summer boredom. The only catch was...some of them were chores! :)

Fun way to give your kids new school supplies while teaching them valuable lessons you want them to remember while they are at school...with printables!!

Ha!! One of my few crafts that actually turned out better than I imagined...that never happens!
Little nook I set up in my house with a place for library books, cards and reciepts to make sure you don't pay any more of those pesky fines!

Such an easy, fun way to celebrate Christmas. We always kick off the first day of December with our Santa Pancakes!
Finally, my most viewed post of 2011...

I love that this was the most popular post of the year. It is such a special little tradition for my family, I love to think that some others have adopted it into their homes as well.
What a great year it has been! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I try really hard to be an authentic blogger. Some weeks you won't see much here...but that's my reality. I don't always do elaborate family home evenings, super cute handmade crafts or delicious desserts. When I do get a chance to do some of those things, I love to share them. I feel like its my way of giving back for all the amazing ideas I have found on blogs over the years.
So thanks for stopping by today, I hope you found something worthwhile, and I am SO looking forward to a wonderful 2012!!



You had some really wonderful posts! I loved the Patty & Perry one, so fun! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!