Snowflake Ice Cube Fun!

We did a really fun activity that my kids absolutely loved! It was inspired once again by the fantastic blog, Meet the Dubiens. Seriously...she is so cool! If you want to see some amazing photography and even better ideas...check out her blog ASAP!

I loved the idea of making colored ice cubes and playing with them in the snow, and was even more excited when I realized I had a way to make it go along with our theme (seriously, I LOVE a theme!:)

I had some snowflake-shaped silicone baking trays and thought they would be perfect! This really is as simple as it sounds. Mix some water with food coloring and pour it into your molds.

Let them freeze completely and then these cute little guys pop right out! Sidenote: make sure your kids know they are NOT popsicles...Britton may or may not have eaten half of one :)

First of all I gave my kids some old mittens I had, the food coloring WILL get on their hands and takes forever to come off! Then I gave them some big sheets of white paper and let them "paint" with their snowflake cubes.
Yes, Britton refused to wear mittens...what can I say? He's 2 :)

When we finished painting we decided to take the rest of the cubes outside for some fun in the snow! It was cool to see the cubes melt and leave the different colors in the snow...the kids loved it!

Of course if you play outside in the snow, you know snow angels are just inevitable.
And then its just a matter of time until the snowballs start flying!! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! This was a great activity that took little preperation and filled an afternoon with fun...total success in my book! :) And you KNOW we enjoyed some Snowflake Soup when we were all done :) Have a great day!

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Looks like fun! And probably made some really great memories with the kids!

Having Fun

great winter activity. Painting with them is a fun idea. I guess if you add enough food coloring you could get some neat results. I'm continually looking for fun new art projects and I think I just found one. Thanks for sharing.


Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Probably the cutest shaped icecubes ever. Looks like the kids had a blast! Great actitivy idea.


What a clever activity for the kiddos!! We need to try it sometime. Thanks so much for linking to Link It Up Thursday.


What a fun idea!! I am definitely going to try this next time it snows. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

Ohh.. what a cute idea! I love that your son ate one. I laughed! Makes me wish for snow! :)

Thanks for linking up to Financial Friday :)


What a great idea! Simple but lots of fun! I'm so glad you linked to our Shine on Fridays party!


awesome pics! Please add your blog to the Learn through play Monday linky party!! http://graham-and-parker.blogspot.com/2012/02/learn-through-play-monday.html


I love 'meet the dubiens'!!! I wanted to do this but worried about the kids (NEW!) coats and gloves getting stained. Did you have any problems with that? And I agree about Jill's photography, although I wouldn't sell yourself short. Yours is very good, too!