Conversation Hearts Pancakes!

Now, I've got to warn you on this one...I think the idea is great, but the execution could be a little better :) I decided to share it anyways, hopefully someone more artistic than me could take it to the next level! ;)

Ever since I discovered putting your pancake batter in a condiment bottle to make shapes, I have been looking forward to a fun Valentines Breakfast! I decided to whip up some colored hearts and make our very own Conversation Heart Pancakes.

All I did for these was to make one batch of pancakes. I split the batter into 5 seperate bowls and added 2 drops of food coloring in each (a little bit goes a long way!) Then once it was mixed up I poured them in the condiment bottles and made up a bunch of different colored hearts.

Once they were completely cooled, I took some red frosting and wrote some little sayings on each pancake. This is where they get a little sketchy...but you get the idea!

All in all...I don't think my kids will notice that my frosting work isn't perfect or that the hearts aren't perfectly symmetrical (at least I hope they won't!!:) I think they are going to flip when they see these, hopefully its a great way to kick off our Valentines Day.




You know you are like the cutest, most creative mom ever! You need to stop doing that, you are putting the bar too high for the rest of us. :) No but seriously, I want to be just like you. :)

Tonia L

What a great idea! They look better than anything I could do!

Michelle Paige

Your kids will LOVE them! I think they look great! Such a fun Valentine memory!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

How lucky are your kiddos to have such a fun & creative momma?!

Love Sweet Love

Shut. UP. Those are THE cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Oh my gosh your kids are going to loooove them! Can I be a cool mom like you when I grow up?!