Out of Town Activity Bags

My husband and I have a big milestone coming up in our lives.

We are going on a trip...without the kids.

In almost 10 years of marriage we have only been away from them for a night here or there...and most of those were nights I was in the hospital having a baby! :)

My great hubby won a trip from his work to HAWAII...oh yeah...I am excited! And my amazing mom is watching our kids for 6 days. She has 3 little boys of her own so she is definitely going to have her hands full :)

One of my friends from high school did THE cutest thing on her blog a while back, and I totally copied her! :) You can check out her original post HERE
She created little kits to give to her kids each day she was gone. I thought this was brilliant. I am hoping by giving my kids these kits it will give them some entertainment, and take the pressure off my mom...even if its just for a little bit! :)
I did 4 different themed bags for each of the days my mom will have the kids that my little brothers will be in school.

First up we have the Spring Bag! It includes:





Sidewalk Chalk

My mom lives in sunny Cali so this all works :)

The second bag is the Outer Space Bag. This bag has:
Glow Sticks
Astronaut erasers
Pop Rocks
Glow in the dark Stickers
Mini Milky Way Bars

Next up is the Circus Bag. It has:
Clown noses
Circus stencil kit
Circus animal crackers
Silly glasses
Cotton Candy

Finally we have the Cowboy Bag. This includes:
Western Stickers
Cowtail treats
Growing horses
Licorice Ropes
Sheriffs Badge

I am so excited for the kids to open up these little bags while we are away. I know they'll be fine, I know its good for us...but I'm gonna miss them like crazy and I want them to know I am thinking of them!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by today! For some reason I totally have Valentines Day on the brain so I will have some cute ideas throughout the week if you want to get a headstart :) We are also doing some cute Hawaiian themed crafts so make sure you check back! Have a great day!


and then, she {snapped}



This is the best idea! I have got to use it! We are going on a cruise--an adult only cruise, might I add, at the end of February, so I totally need to do this. My parents are watching our kids as well. Thanks for the adorable idea!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Ummm....first off, I am jealous Hawaii!!! Secondly,no vacay away from the kids in 10 years! You guys so deserve this. Lastly, I can't believe in the hustle and bustle of preparing for your trip that you thought of such an amazing idea. You are one clever cookie!

Michelle Paige

Have a wonderful trip with no kids! This is a great idea. Thanks for commenting on our fondue night. I appreciate your kind words and taking the time to do that.

Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com

What a fantastic idea! I seriously LOVE it! I am jealous of your upcoming vacation but I am so happy for you!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun

Found you through a St Paddy's post on Pinterest and now I'm you're newest follower, pinning this too! So clever for so many uses... Am making your circus bag for our trip to circus day... Others great for Bday goodie bags etc. Thanks for all you share here! Have a fun trip and wonderful 2012!

Camille Griffiths

That's such a great idea! I will definitely do this if and when we go away without our daughter. Congrats on winning the trip, have a good time!


What a great idea!! I am so pinning this just incase I ever get to go any where with out my kiddos. I would love it if you would be willing to share at our new link party going on now. Thanks



I go out of town every summer for 4 days to a work convention and always leave bags of new toys, games, etc... for my husband to do with the kids, just to make it easy on him. I LOVE your idea of THEMED bags! I'm so going to copy this come July!

Have a great trip!

Terri @ A Creative Princess

What a sweet idea to do for you kids! You are going to fall in love with Hawaii. We've been twice and both times I cried when we had to come back! It's more beautiful than you can imagine! Aloha! I'll be featuring you tomorrow.

~The Bargain Babe

Those are super cute! We did something similar for our oldest (then 6) when we were going to the hospital to have our 2nd baby. We wrapped a gift for him for each day we were going to be gone. :)


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