Bath Paint...Fun in the Tub!!

I found this great idea on one of my favorite blogs, Meet the Dubiens, and knew immediately it was something my kids would love.
Homemade Bath Paint!

All you need to make this is baby wash, corn starch and a few drops of food coloring!

All you do is mix 1 C of body wash, 4 TBSP of corn starch, and one drop of food coloring. Really...just one! A little bit goes a long way, and this way there will be no staining!

I put them in some small tupperware containers I had on hand and store them in my kids bathroom. When we want to use them I pull them out, give my kids some paint brushes and they will play for EVER in the tub!

I also think these would make fun birthday gifts or party favors too. I know my kids may be getting some in their Easter baskets later in the year :) Have a wonderful day everyone!!


Tonia L

Tonii...this is so cool! My kids loved bath paint when they were younger and I hated spending money on it. I am going to make some of this for gifts for my nieces and nephews! Pinned it too! :)
~Tonia @TheGunnySack.com


I have pinned this & am totally going to do it this weekend. The kids will love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

Cheyene Burnette

I'm so gonna have to try this with the kiddos :)


Hi. I just found your site through Moms By Heart! What a great idea. I think I'll make some and use it for the sprinklers outside! And maybe even add a few to some b-day party gifts coming up soon.
Thanks for the great ideas.


Great idea!! ...... But, I'm wondering if it stains skin... Can someone let me know?


Does not stain skin or tub if you use just 1 food coloring drop....


What a fun idea! Definitely will add some excitement to normal old bath time. Thanks for the idea!


Catherine Carrigan

Thank you for posting this bath paint recipe, I have shared it on my website http://www.capturinginspirations.com and included the link to this post as a reference and your blog's homepage! My kids loved using their paint brushes and being artists during bath time! Thanks again for sharing!

Here's the link to my post: