Witchy October Advent!

I LOVE advent calendars! They make holidays so fun for the kids and keep the excitement going all month long! Yesterday I realized I couldn't find my Halloween Muffing Tin advent I made several years ago...something had to be done! So I ran to my local Dollar Tree, picked up a few things, and while my kids napped threw together this cute advent.

Now, if you want to do this remember...tomorrow is October 1st! You've got to get cracking! Because I have NEVER started an advent after the first day...or in the middle of the month...or 3 days before the actual holiday...;)

All you need to make this Witchy October Advent are some small cauldrons (packs of 8 for a buck), white paint, some type of basket, and a little tulle or ribbon. Easy, right?!

Now, I did say it was easy. I didn't say it wasn't a little bit time consuming :) I am not so great at doing anything freehand but I did paint all the numbers on the cauldrons. It really wasn't too bad and since it was for Halloween some of the ones I messed up on actually looked kind of cool and creepy :)

Now each little cauldron is filled with either an activity to do that day or a little treat for the kids. I set mine up as a calendar instead of a countdown...I didn't want to have to try and do the math each day :) Plus, this way if there are things I already have scheduled on our real calendar they can be our activity for that day.

Once I had all the cauldrons painted and filled I spraypainted this Dollar Tree basket with some purple spray paint and placed all the cauldrons inside.

Then I just tied some tulle around the middle and hot-glued it until I had a kind of bow that looked semi-decent :) Its very simple, so you could definitely add some more decorations to
spice it up. I like simple, so this works in our house.

So there you have your very own Witchy October Advent! Super cheap and super simple :)

Oh, and here are some activities I put in there if you're trying to come up with some:

Watch our favorite Halloween movie

Print Halloween pictures to color

Go to a pumpkin patch

Windowshop for Halloween costumes

aMake Halloween sugar cookies

Make footprint ghosts

Make spooky spiders (styrafoam balls and pipe cleaners)

Decorate Haunted Gingerbread houses

Read a Halloween book

and lots more!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you can't tell I kinda like Halloween so come back soon for more fun crafts for the kids, yummy treats and more!