Fit Friday...recognizing your achievements!!

Today's Fit Friday is ALL about recognizing our achievements...even if we still have a little ways to go. I think it is SO important to set realistic goals that we can accomplish, and once we have, set a new goal and so on! It feels so empowering to actually accomplish something that we have set out to do, especially if its something hard.

So today I am ....GULP....sharing with you some BEFORE and RIGHT NOW pictures :) Its pretty scary to do, because honestly, I am still not at my final destination. However, I have reached the goal that I set for myself and am pretty darn proud of it :) I am recognizing how far I have come...even if there is still a ways to go. And it feels GOOD!!

Alright...here goes :) This is me almost exactly 3 months ago, 3 weeks after I had my daughter Avrie. Got some work ahead of me :)

And here is a side shot from this morning.

One more from 3 months ago, head on.

And last one from this morning. Please be kind...I had just gotten home from a 5:30 am spin class :)

There you have it! Holy crap....its scary putting those pics out there :)

Now I have decided to forget the scale...it was never about the number anyways. I reached my goal of running 3 miles a while back, now I am up to 3.75 miles and my goal is 5 miles by Halloween.

So today I am saying....recognize the GOOD that you are doing!! Maybe its that you cooked one super healthy meal this week. Maybe you cut out one unhealthy food from your kids diet this week. Maybe you just started walking and made it twice around the block....WHATEVER it is, recognize your achievements and be proud of what you are doing to get more FIT!

Hope your not all scarred too badly from the pics, and that you have a wonderful holiday weekend, thanks so much for stopping by!!