Fun Fall Jar

Wow, long time no blog!!

Things at the Johnson home have been a little crazy. Not bad crazy, just normal busy life crazy. I am feeling like I am getting my 4 month old on a good schedule and now that my 2 girls are in 1st grade and preschool....I actually have a little free time! This free time is almost always spent cleaning or preparing something for the kids, but I'm not complaining! Today I took that free time and created our Fun Fall Jar!

What exactly is a Fun Fall Jar you ask?? Well let me show you :)

Using the same jar that we used for our School's Out Jar, I simply turned some scrapbook paper and leftover burlap into this fun jar full of all the things we want to do this fall :)

Burlap....my newest obsession.

Then I simply cut a bunch of leaves with my Silhouette and on each one wrote one thing we want to do this fall. Every week we will pick out the activities we want to do for that week and hang them up on our magnet board in the kitchen. Hopefully this will help us make sure we don't miss ONE part of my favorite season :)

Some of our favorite fall activities are:

Making Caramel Apples

Going on a leaf hunt

Visiting a pumpkin patch

Going to Gardner Village

Decorating Pumpkins

Trying a Cornmaze

Go apple-picking

Make leaf art

Please share, what are some of your families favorite FALL activities?? :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and check back next week for a fun General Conference tradition, yummy recipes, 2 weeks full of fun apple activities with your kids and lots more!


Cara and Mike

Tonii! :) Love your idea! It's true! Life can be so crazy, the fun stuff can be left in the dust! -- Where do you go apple picking?


This is a super cute idea! We love to go to the pumpkin patch as a family, among other things!


I love your Fun Fall Jar. What a fun idea! One of our favorites is going to Gardner Village too! :)


Every fall I seem to be able to do a service project - generally raking leaves for the elderly, and I love it! Plus it's a great teaching experience for the kids!


Thanks for your ideas. I think now that my boys are in school and my youngest goes to preschool, I'm forgetting to "play" with them.

I love the fall ideas, especially collecting leaves and making pictures :)