Apples Week

Well Apple Week was a hit at our house! We started off the week by reading this fun book with Dr. Suess.

My kids thought this book was SO funny, we read it about a billion times last week. They even ran to the fridge and tried to balance apples on their head...they couldn't quite get up to ten ;)

We were lucky enough to find an apple orchard that was fairly close to us where you can go pick your own apples! Unfortunately when we got there the hours were different that what was online and they were closed. However, the owner happened to be there and was so sweet to us! Not only did he let us pick whatever apples we could find and take for free, but he also gave us a tour and free samples of their very cool Cider Press. It was fun to show the kids how apples are turned into cider and it was even more fun letting them pick their own apples off the trees.

The owner said his father (who started the farm years ago) was passionate about teaching children where things REALLY come from, showing them how things grow so they don't think they just show up in grocery stores. It was very informative for me as well and the kids absolutely loved it! I will definitely be doing business with this family farm again! :)

One day we talked all about the different ways you can eat apples. We had whole apples with our breakfast, for our snack we had apple slices dipped in peanut butter and for dessert that night everyone made their very own apple pies :) I am NOT a baker so we just used refrigerator pie crusts, cans of apple pie filling, and little pie tins I found at WalMart.

The kids loved squishing the pie crust in the tin and then spooning the apple pie on top.

They also loved pinching the top and bottom crust together (and sneaking bits of the pie filling ;)

They turned out quite yummy and the kids were SO proud that they had made their very own apple pies!

Finally their favorite activity we did involved apples and a bunch of these....

Yes, those are Mr. Potato Head pieces :) We wanted to make our very own Mr. and Mrs. Apple Heads...and they turned out adorable!

I loved Britton's...anything with a mustache usually gets a laugh from me.

Kendall had to accessorize of course...love the hat!

And this was my little guy...cute, right?! I was surprised how much they enjoyed this, they named their apples and played with them all afternoon. Yes, it was a little sticky and I did have to wash all the pieces, but totally worth it in the end! The only hard part was keeping Britton from eating his guy....:)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope this inspires you to do something FUN with your kids and enjoy them just a little bit more...I know I am trying to. Later I have a fun idea for Conference Baskets for your kids and a fun way I am trying to Cut the Chaos at the dinner table :) Have a great day everyone!! :)


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Those Potato Head Apples are so cute! What a great idea! I'm going to share this on my Facebook page.