Bodies Week!

We had a great week last week in our home learning all about our amazing bodies!! It was so odd doing all these activities without my oldest daughter. It was for her I started doing these weekly themes when she was just 2 years old!! Now my big girl is in school and I get to spend some precious time with my middle two children and it was SO fun to see more of their little personalities come out and enjoy teaching and just having fun with them.

To kick-off our week we did one of our favorite dances.....over and over and over again :) Thank goodness my visiting teachers came over or we might STILL be doing it! My kids loved the Hokey-Pokey and it is a great way to focus on some different body parts and to start helping your kids differentiate between their left and right.

On Wednesday we did one of my favorite activities that the kids always seem to get a kick out of. All you need is a roll of butcher paper, markers or crayons, and you are ready to go!
These pics are out of order but you just have your kids lay down on the butcher paper and then you trace around their entire bodies.

Once I had traced both the kids I pointed to different body parts on the tracing and had the kids tell me what it was. Then I labeled the different body parts and the kids got to color themselves :) They totally loved it!

But I think the kids favorite activity was this next one :) We simply had english muffin pizzas for lunch but the kids got to make them as faces. Here is all you need to make your very own face pizza :)

I put everything in its own container and then put it all on a cookie sheet. This made the cleanup super easy and the kids loved having their own of everything. We used olives, mozzerella cheese, pizza sauce, carrots and sliced green onions. And the english muffins of course :)

The kids had a ball decorating their own faces and then gobbling them up. I had some fun of my own and came up with this cute little guy :) Honestly this was a great activity and as the kids made different parts of the face we talked about what our noses, ears, eyes and mouths are for.

Finally if you go to THIS website they have a bunch of matching games, short books and coloring pages about different body parts. I printed off the book and matching games years ago and laminated them. I keep them in my folder under activities for Body Week and its great to just pull them out whenever we want them.

Thank you so much for stopping by Blue Skies Ahead! I can't believe more than a handful of people actually look at this thing...but I am so glad that you do! Have a wonderful week and be sure to stop by next week to see all of the fun we had with Apple Week! :)