Halloween Scrappy Fabric Tutus!

Last night I got together with my amazing friend Hollie and we crafted the night away! I LOVE getting together with a good friend, chatting, and letting the creative juices flow :) Hollie made some ridiculously cute frames with fabric flowers...seriously adorable. I wanted to make something for my girls for the upcoming holidays...and this is how they turned out!

I have 3 little girls, so naturally....I LOVE tu-tu's! However, I am kind of over the tulle ones. Not that they are not adorable, but I feel like they get worn once and then they are completely squished and deformed! Plus, I think they are cuter on babies and I wanted something for my older girls too. I decided to try something I had seen somewhere on Pinterest...a Scrabby Fabric Tu-tu!

You make this just like you would a tulle one...all you need is an elastic waistband, some cute halloween fabric and you are all set to go.

After I knotted all the strips of fabric I fit it on Kendall and then finished cutting all the strips at an angle so it would have a funky, layered look to it.

I was THRILLED with how this turned out!! You can just use fabric scraps you have laying around, and I think for Kendall we just might add a witch hat and have her costume all ready to go! :)

Thank you SO much for stopping by and let me know if you try one of these out for yourself! It doesn't get much easier than this ;)



I've got to make this! It is super cute & super easy! What an adorable little model you have!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Oh my, HOW FUN!!! It turned out so cute!

Hollie Hanson

Man you are fast blogger! It looks so perfect on Kendall!! I had a blast! We seriosuly need to do that regularly. I don't get much girly talk time :)