30 Day Mom Challenge!

Yesterday I was spending a few minutes browsing on Pinterest and someone had pinned this fantastic idea from a great website. It got me so excited and motivated to do something I have been thinking about so much lately.

I love a fresh start and thats what September feels like to me. School is back in session, we are getting into routines, the weather is changing to my favorite season and its a time for me to evaluate my life and see where I can improve. One thing I am always thinking about is how I can be a better mother to these precious children I have. With my kids just starting to get into school and activities, I am getting a glimpse of how busy our lives will become in a few short years. Our lazy days of watching movies together, sleeping in, and just spending time together are quickly changing to early mornings, school routines, soccer practices and dance classes.

The thought I keep having over and over is that NOW is the time to forge these bonds even stronger, so that when the time comes that my little ones will be out of my home more than they will be in it, I will HOPE I did everything I could to show my love for them. I will HOPE I didn't waste those precious few years I had them with me all the time. And I will HOPE more than anything to be the kind of the mother they deserve.

To help me in my efforts is the 30 Day Mom Challenge! Click on the link so you can print out your own. I framed this last night and stuck it in my bathroom where I will see it every day. Today is September 1st, so you simply look at the number 1 on your list and work on that for one day. I LOVE things like this that give me ways to try and be a better mom without completely overwhelming me. There are a million things I can do better, but at least this way I know I did one thing each day to let my kids know how much I love them.

So who's with me??? Lets all join together, for at least 30 Days, and see what kind of a difference we can make in our homes and in the lives of our children by striving to be the best kind of mothers we can be! I am so excited to do this and I hope you will join me :) Thanks so much for stopping by today!


Adelina Priddis

Love it!! I'll be joining you!

Lyndee W.

Great idea!


Love it! I already printed mine off-Thanks for sharing! :)


Thanks for sharing! A fabulous idea!


Love this too! Just printed my own. Thanks for the idea!


Tonii- I work for iMOM and I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing our 30 Day Mom Challenge. We hope it blesses you and your followers. I would love to send you some iMOM goodies if you wouldn't mind emailing me with your shirt size and a shipping address. Thank you again!