Let Your LOVE Show countdown!

Hey everyone!!  I know this is kind of last minute...but since I just got mine put together during naptime today I figured I would share :)

My kids LOVE holidays, and I love doing countdowns and advents to draw out the fun for even longer.  I thought for Valentines it would be fun to do a Let Your LOVE Show Countdown for the first 2 weeks of February!

This was SO easy to put together and turned out really cute.

All I did was cover a bunch of clothespins with Washi Tape.

Then I got some more of these SUPER cute striped bags I had from Pick Your Plum.  I printed out numbers 1-14 and glued them onto the front.  Then in each bag I wrote down an activity for us to do and sealed the bag with a little more Washi Tape :)

The activities I chose were really simple for young kids...just anyway my kids could let others around them know they love them.  Some that I did were:

Heart attack a good friend
Write a thank you note to your teacher
Do a secret service for one of your siblings
Call daddy at work and tell him how much you love him
Make valentines for Grandma's and Grandpa's

and lots more!

In case you want to do something similar, here are the numbers I used for our countdown.

Thank you so much for visiting today!  Please share...how are you helping your kids to Let Their LOVE Show this month?? :)


Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Oh so cute and I love the mixture of the red and the blue clothes pins!

Fairhope Supply Co.

Very sweet. You are a great detail person!

Michelle Paige

So adorable and I love that you put activities in each one!

Tonya Tolliver

Hi following you from the Mingle With Us Blog Hop! Hope you follow back! Btw nice project!

The Allen Family

What an adorable idea! Your kids are so lucky!!


Such cute ideas! =)

Im a new follower, love your blog!


Oh, I really love this! I'm sure your kiddos are going to enjoy this!

Sara Gaitan

I just came across your blog! =) Cute idea... I am thinking of doing something like this with my little one...

BTW, I am your newest follower!

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