Smiling this Sunday!

Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday!!

I hope you all had a fantastic week...here is a little peak into our lives and few things that are making me smile :)

These two cuties are more than a little excited to be starting dance this week...they were born to dance :)

WEEKS ago an amazingly talented friend of mine helped me pick out fabric and sewed some curtains for my front room.  I have been bugging Paul non-stop to hang them up and he finally did yesterday.  Every time I walk in I get a huge smile on my face, it totally changed the whole look of the room.


I have been on a mission at our house to cut out a lot of TV and computer time.  It has been so easy when I feel sick or tired to just let my kids watch nonstop shows and play games, but I don't like the spirit or attitude that brings into our home.  This was on Friday, at 6:30 that night when we pulled out the computer for the FIRST time that day...and we hadn't had the TV on either!  It was a rough few days getting the kids used to not constantly having them on, but I can already feel a change in our house and I am loving it!

Today this little girl is REALLY making me smile!  Last night we moved her into her big girl bed...and boy was I nervous!  She loved her crib and went down every night and naptime without a peep.  I was so scared to give that up!! ;)  However, this little cutie was fantastic and went to sleep last night without a single cry.  She came straight home from church today and crawled into her bed and is still napping right now!  I am SO grateful its looking like this will be a smooth transition, I don't know if I have the energy to battle her ;)

Finally, my cute big girl making pancakes for us this morning.  The last few weeks I have really been working on some cooking basics with her.  The realities of our life are that I will probably go on bed rest in the next month or two and I thought it would be so great if she could help out in the kitchen.  She spent the morning perfecting her pancake-flipping :)  I always tell her I couldn't have more babies if I didn't have such a big helper like her...she is my angel.

So many simple things to smile about this week...I hope you are finding lots and lots to smile about in your life too :)


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

LOVE the new curtains! We have had a lot of sickness the last month and my kids have watched WAY TOO much TV! I need to get on the band wagon and start cutting it down too.