Be your own kind of beautiful Printable

  Hello everyone!!
I have hit the nesting phase of my pregnancy VERY early this go around (my poor husband!) and one of the things on our huge to-do list was to update the room my two oldest daughters share.  They have a teeny room and we had 2 twin beds in there...it was a tight fit to say the least!  We finally caved and got them new bunkbeds and a bigger dresser...the effect has been amazing! 
Instead of feeling totally cluttered and cramped they now have lots of room and places to organize their things.  We wanted to do a room that they could grow with, so we redid all the bedding and curtains in turquoise, hot pink and zebra print!  It is so fun, and perfect for my girls fun and spunky personalities. 
I will post a picture next week of the finished room, but I thought I would share a printable I threw together to put in a turquoise frame.  This is one of my favorite quotes...something I want my girls to ALWAYS remember :)
It is very simple, but added the perfect touch to my girls cute room!
Feel free to right-click, save, and print away!!  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! :)


Jodi S

love this too- I am also a huge quote lover. can't wait to see the finished room!

Michelle Paige

Ooohh! I'm liking you daughters' room already! Congrats on expecting!