Smiling this Sunday...kicking off 2013 right!!

I cannot believe what a HUGE slacker I have been on my Smiling this Sunday posts!!
I love taking time to Sunday to reflect back on the week and think of all the big and little moments that made me smile.  I truly believe there is SO much good in the world...if we are willing to open up our eyes and look for it!
Here is a little peak into our lives the last week and a few things that made me smile :)
This was my little party girl SO excited to go to our annual family New Year's Eve party!  Notice all the necklaces she is wearing?  She spent all day making a necklace for each one of her girl cousins.  I love how thoughtful and kind Skylar is, and how much she loves her family.
My darling sisters-in-law threw the cutest Circus themed party...and one area was a dress-up station with a photo booth.  Of course, Kendall went right for anything pink and sparkly :)  I love this girls sass!
Britton saw the huge bucket of Cotton Candy and KNEW it was going to be a great night!!
Some VERY talented members of the family took on the face-painting station...look at my darling zebra!!
Me and my guy at midnight...so excited for another new year together!!
Until the kids went back to school we had a great time playing with all the fun things the kids got for Christmas...especially this amazing coloring book Skylar got.  It is so ornate, we spent an hour on just one page.  SO fun!!
The day before the kids went back to school we had a Movie Day!!  Its so cute how the littlest things can make your kids so happy.  They all brought down their new chairs, blankets and pillows, and once they had their popcorn we were ready to go!  I was amazed...they watched the whole movie...all of them!! 
Unfortunately for Paul, I have hit the nesting phase of this pregnancy BIG-TIME!!  With Baby Cohen joining our family we have to rearrange almost all the kids rooms, and we decided to move our playroom downstairs to our unfinished basement so we could move Britton upstairs next to the girls.  This meant we had some major work to make the basement safe for little ones...tell me I'm not the only one with a basement like this?!  ;)
After a full week of spending hours here and there, ALL day on New Years, multiple trips to the DI and the dump...it is finally finished!!  Isn't it beautiful!!  Now we just need to move the toys down and the kids will have their new, huge, play room!!

The last thing making me smile today is that I am 24 weeks along!!  I am so grateful to be feeling so much better then I was at the beginning, and I am getting really excited to meet our little man.  I hope the next few months go by quickly without much excitement ;)  Our babies always try to come too early, so bed rest could be in the near future, but as long as it gets them here healthy I really can't complain :)
SOOOO....what are some things that are making you smile this beautiful Sunday?? :)



Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

EEEEK!! Congrats Tonii!! I must live under a rock! I didnt know you were having another baby.. oh its so exciting!! LOVE the name too :D