Lehi's Family Leaves Jerusalem FHE

Week 2 of our Book of Mormon study and Family Home Evenings has come and gone!!  I combined chapters 2 and 3 from the Book of Mormon Stories for this lesson.  It was quick and simple, but the kids had a great time and even learned a little something too ;)

To get started we recited the 6th Article of Faith.  We especially focused on how just as we have a living prophet today, there were prophet's at the time of the Book of Mormon too.  I asked the kids who the first prophet in the Book of Mormon was and we then read the chapters from Book of Mormon Stories.

We talked about how Lehi had a vision and saw that the city of Jerusalem would be destroyed.  He tried to warn the people, but they were too wicked to listen.  He was told to take his family and leave Jerusalem to go to the wilderness.  We talked about how his family reacted to this...Laman and Lemuel murmured and complained, while Nephi took his questions to the Lord.  In doing so, he saw the Savior and was promised great blessings.

We decided to act out our lesson afterwards and the kids had a blast!!  I got this idea from the Sugardoodle website and I knew my kids would enjoy it.  

Using our blocks, Little People Castle and paper for tents we made up Jerusalem, the city wall and the wilderness.  The kids loved building the city wall all around the castle (Lehi's home) and folding the paper to make tents out in the dreary wilderness.

We used our Little People from Noah's Ark and the nativity to be Lehi and Sariah.

When we ran out of characters I thought the princes from our castle would make a great Nephi and Sam :)

We talked about how hard it must have been to leave a beautiful house with silver and gold, but because Lehi was a prophet he was able to receive revelation and know how to keep his family safe from destruction.  The kids loved moving all the people out into the wilderness and setting them up in the tents.  I think it provided a great visual for what we were learning about.

Best part of the night?  When I came upstairs and saw this crazyness, I said "what are you guys doing??"  Kendall replied, "Destroying Jerusalem!!"  

Haha!! They actually heard something from the lesson...a definite success!! ;)

For our dessert we made our favorite treat we like to have when we go camping in the "wilderness" :)  Who doesn't love S'mores?  Especially with homemade peanut butter cookies!!

Thanks for stopping by today, I am loving this series of FHE's and I am excited to keep going with it!


Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

Omg! Kendalls face in the picture where she is destroying the city. Too cute! They seemed to really enjoy the lesson :)