Remember last October, when I wasn't on bedrest...

and I was ACTUALLY sort of fun?! ;)

At 10 weeks my body is already throwing me for some loops.  Thank goodness, so far the little bean is doing great, but until we get things under control it is bed rest for this mama.

Since I can't do ANY of the things I have had planned to kick off my favorite month of the year, I thought I would share the boat-load of fun we had at Blue Skies Ahead last October!  We made the most of every moment, and made some incredible memories.

I thought I would compile them all in one place, it did my heart good to remember all the fun things we did last year...hopefully we will be right back at it again soon :)

Candy Corn was ALL the rage...so we made Candy Corn Cupcakes in a Jar

I came up with this RIDICULOUSLY simple, but adorably cute Orange Pumpkin Treats

We made this cute little guy...Frankenstein Caramel Apple

Using a bunch of dollar store cauldrons we made our very own Witchy October Advent

Here's a fun way to do a family-friendly service project if you have any new neighbors...Welcome to the Neigh"BOO"hood!

We had something very rare occur...I made a craft that actually worked!

Nothing says fall like yummy, smooth Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate!

One of my FAVORITE teaching moments with my children, 

We dined on the Perfect Pumpkin Dinner

The kids joined me in the kitchen as we made a YUMMY Homemade Pumpkin Soup and read a fun book to go along with it.

Doesn't get much easier than these pipe cleaner and bead Pumpkin Bracelets

The kids (and I;) gobbled up these Bakerella-inpired Pumpkin Pie Bites

I made these fun Witchy Headbands for a special girls night in

My girls and I partied it up at our First Annual Witches Night In Party!

And finally I screwed up any chance I had at sticking to my diet and made these 

WHEW!!  What a fantastic October we had!  I hope you all are enjoying this one as well.  I would love to promise that we will be back with fun crafts, snacks and activities...but right now my little bean is running the show.  I have a lifetime to fill with all these wonderful things...but RIGHT NOW is all about this sweet little baby :)  Thanks for joining me on a stroll down memory lane...and thanks so much for stopping by Blue Skies Ahead!!



Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

That skirt is sooo cute I kind of want to make myself a big girl version one and incorporate into my costume!Looks like you quite a busy and festive fall last year:) Glad to hear you and baby are doing well.

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted
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