Eee-i-ee-i-O... Farm week kick-off!

Hello, hello!!

Things here are just rolling along.  I am a whopping 9 weeks along and pretty much just trying to survive ;)

I did finally get on some medication and it is making a huge difference, so thanks to my new friend Zofran...I actually planned some fun things to do with the kids this week!

And what better way to start off our fun week of all things Farm...then actually going to visit our local farm.

How cute are these little munchkins?!  That's Britton trying to get the goats to talk to him...not too successful ;)

Avrie could NOT get enough of the animals, if she would have been able to climb through the fence and play with them she would have!

 One really cool thing we were able to see was a sheep getting its very own haircut!  My kids thought it was so cool, and it gave us the chance to talk about what a sheeps wool is used for.  I also thought I would like one of those head restraints for when I have to cut MY little guys hair ;)

I don't know what it is...but whenever we go anywhere my kids are automatically starving.  As soon as we saw a few animals the kids started asking for snacks...luckily for once I was prepared :)

I thought it would be fun to bring snacks that would grow on a farm, and talk about that with the kids.  We had baby carrots, apples, string cheese and homemade pumpkin bread slices.  It was fun to explain to the kids that string cheese is made from milk, which comes from cows!!  Flour comes from wheat which is used to make bread and is grown by farmers!  These things all seem so obvious, but to a little kid, all they know is you walk into a grocery store and pick things off the shelves.  Its fun to teach them a little bit about how much we need farms and farmers too.

My little jailbirds ;)

Kids favorite part of the farm?  Pony rides of course!!

All in all...a great way to kick off our Farm Week!

Check back tomorrow for some more fun, SIMPLE ways to enjoy and teach your kids about farms.  I may not be at 100%...but I am learning how to make it work ;)



So cute! I love the farm!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

I've had so many friends swear by Zofran! Glad it helped. Looks like the farm was a blast!


Hey Toni I bet you don't remember me but I was a mission companion of Paul's and I would LOVE to get in touch with him. If you get this please have him shoot me an email at brett@customer-exp.com. Thanks!