Family Photos 2012

 I have a love-hate relationship with getting family pictures taken.

I absolutely LOVE the finished product, and it is ALWAYS worth it...but MAN it is so much work!

Just finding outfits is a huge ordeal in itself.  Then trying to get your entire family ready, fed, happy and beautiful at the same time?!  With 4 little ones...almost impossible!

The only thing that makes it all work?!  When you working with a fantastic photographer like

Now I am a teensy bit biased :)  Hollie is one of my dearest friends, but I tell you...the girl has a gift!  Not only is she incredibly talented at photography and editing, but she really does it all.  She went shopping with me (more than once!) to find the perfect outfits for our family.  She kindly reminded me that I have been wanting purple and yellow for years...every time I tried to ditch it for another color scheme ;)

The day of the photo shoot she brings all her makeup and makes me beautiful...she knows the extent of my makeup knowledge is trying to decide between my Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker and the Strawberry Lip Smacker ;)

She also calls me on my way out to see if I ever found any accessories?  Of course the answer is no...so she brings me some of hers ;)  I told you she was awesome!

But aside from all that...she truly captured MY family.  These crazy, loud, beautiful, quirky people that I devote every single day of my life too.  I cry every time I look at these pictures...I am so blessed.  So sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors...

Johnson Family Pictures 2012!!

I love Avrie's crinkled nose and squishy face!

Where did my baby go??

Daddy with all his little Daddy's Girls

Me and my girls

10 years into this crazy thing and he STILL loves me! ;)

I love this picture.  It is a true representation of our family.  Avrie hanging on to her Daddy, Skylar and Kendall sassing it up...and my sweet little guy hanging on my leg :)

Even though it was too early to tell...I had a feeling we would soon be announcing baby #5 was on its way!

Hahaha!  Caught ya!

Sweet, tender Skylar.  This child has a heart of gold, finds joy in the smallest things, and is the BEST big sister anyone could hope for.  LOVE her!

Sassy and spunky Kendall!  She always keeps us laughing and even though she acts tough...has the sweetest little heart there is.  

My little man Britton.  This little guy has me wrapped around his finger...no doubt about it.  

My mischievous boy...oh he keeps me on my toes!  Anytime I feel like really letting him have it...I just look at this picture! ;)

The two most important guys in my life!


Look at those darling little stinkers.  What a gift they are.  

These pictures came at a perfect time for me.  Sometimes when you are in the midst of all-day sickness (WHO came up with the name MORNING sickness...that is very deceiving ;) and bed rest at only 10 weeks you wonder how you are possibly going to add another child to your world when you feel SO out of control as it is.  How can you possibly be the kind of mother 5 children deserve...when you are in survival mode with the 4 you already have?!

I think these are all normal feelings to have...but looking at these pictures help me see past this SMALL moment.  I see my family.  My greatest source of joy, my posterity.  And I know adding to that family, for us, is without a doubt the best thing we could be doing.  

Now that I'm done being so mushy, I would love to know...how do YOU decide what to wear for family pictures??  Do you like matchy-matchy?  Something really unique?  

Because lets be honest...these pictures are going to be out-dated by the time Baby Johnson arrives and we are going to be doing this all over again next year!! ;)



I love everything about this. You have such a beautiful family! All those smiles on their faces - you can tell they're thriving! And your sweet words are inspiring too.

Amanda Ward

These pictures r great such a sweet family!!!! Congrats on number 5! Whoop

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Such a beautiful family Tonii, you are blessed;) I absolutely love the color combo with the clothes. I love when families do as you did similar colors but all in a different, unique way. I'm not too much of a fan of when EVERYONE wears the same thing....like all red shirts and white pants, etc.....

The Allen Family

First of all, WOW, what an amazing friend/photographer! I need one like that. ;)
Your pictures turned out fabulous!! Love the colors! I could never do colors like that cause we only have boys. But when we do our family pictures I'll usually pick 3 different colors and then everyone is in a variety of colors/shades of those 3. And they usually turn out pretty good. :) Definitely NOT a fan of matchy-matchy.

Hollie Hanson

Ahh my gorgeous friend! I think I am as in love with this session as you!
It's crazy how I get visions in my head of the perfect session is and what I want to have happen. But the reality is they never go perfectly. And yet somehow, with your beautiful family it was more than I could have imagined!
I am so lucky to have you as my dear friend. And to be able to capture your family on a personal level.
I can not wait for baby #5 and next years pictures!!!