Frankenstein Veggie Platter


Can you believe Halloween is in just one short week?!  

I thought of a fun HEALTHY snack my kids would enjoy that would also be great for a Halloween party or your Halloween dinner.  

Make your own Frankenstein Veggie Platter!

All you need to make this guy are some snap peas, olives, sliced cucumbers and baby carrots.  

My kids gobbled up almost the whole thing after school yesterday, and it made me feel a teensy bit better about all the Candy Corns we have been eating ;)

Thanks again for stopping by today and have a great day!!

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So cute and fun! I never would think of something so creative. I'd love if you joined our healthy snack link-party :)


OH MY GOODNESS, this is the COOLEST THING EVER!! You are so stinkin creative!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

And mom said never to play with your food! Are you kidding me you can't be creative like you if you don't! Love it and the fact that it is healthy fun.

Debra Hawkins

What a darling and healthy platter. What a creative mom !

Madina Paola Papadopoulos

Thanks for sharing your creativity! I listed your recipe in my BuzzFeed post. Happy Halloween!