Star-Themed Primary Class Gifts

In case anyone is like me and wanted to do a last-minute gift for the wonderful kids in their primary classes...here's a simple gift I prepared this morning for mine :)

I am all about using brown paper sacks for gift-giving this year! To make it a little more personalized I cut letters on my Silhouette and used them as a stencil. Then I just stamped the stencil with acrylic paint and added a little bit of glitter for the girls. I left the boys without glitter on this one :)

For inside the bags I made Rice Krispie treats and then used my cookie cutters to get them in these cute star shapes. If you are running low on time (who isn't?!) you could totally use the premade Rice Krispie treats as well. I wish I would have thought of that earlier...;)

Inside of the bag I put a card that says

"For hundreds of years Heavenly Father promised His children the birth of a Savior. The Star was the symbol of His fulfillment of that promise. Everytime you see the star perched high atop a Christmas Tree...remember this: Heavenly Father ALWAYS keeps his promises."

Then I included a personal note and tied it up with ribbon.

To complete the gift I got some matching ribbon and star ornaments. I got the ornaments at WalMart, $2 for 12 ornaments.

Then I just punched 2 holes in the bags, tied the ribbon in one knot, then added the ornament and knotted the ribbon one more time.

And there you have it, a simple gift for the kids in your life, with a great opportunity to bear your testimony that Heavenly Father loves us, knows us, and ALWAYS keeps his promises!

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you are last-minute like I am, keep checking back this week! We are making some super cute gifts for the kids' friends, yummy neighbor gifts, and a SUPER easy, delicious cookie recipe too! Have a wonderful day!


Alyssa K

Darling gift idea! I am so envious of you smarties that come up with ideas like this, but also very grateful that you are willing to share them :) Thank you so very much and Merry Christmas!


Brilliant idea! Your blog is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing. I am your newest follower. I'd appreciate it if you stopped over at my blog and followed me back! Thanks! http://milliemorganmedia.blogspot.com


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