Decking the Halls!!

Well...better late than never, right?! :)

This year took us forever to get our Christmas tree, but we had such a great night it was definitely worth the wait.

We went to a local family farm to pick out our tree. Their prices are the best and they make it a great experience for the whole family. They give you free hot chocolate and candy canes while you warm up by the bonfire after your tree is picked out and getting loaded onto the car.
The most exciting part of our night was the drive home. All of a sudden, a car pulled out behind us, and guess who was driving it?! Oh yeah...it was SANTA CLAUSE!! I kid you not, he had the hat, the beard, the red coat and everything. He waved and winked at the kids...you cannot believe the screams of excitement heard in our van! :)
This year I dropped all my OCD and perfectionist tendencies that flare up when decorating my Christmas Tree and let the kids do it all by themselves. Yep...I haven't even moved any of their decorations yet. I did add a few to the top where they couldn't reach with the chairs, but thats it. And you know...I absolutely love it.

We always watch "Elf", one of our favorite Christmas movies, while we decorate the tree. Once all our decorations were up we ate our YUMMY eggnog shakes from Arctic Circle (seriously, so good!!) and put the little ones to bed.

Such a wonderful night for our little family.

I say this every year...but I think this is my favorite Christmas season yet! :) The kids are so precious, and everything is so magical to them. I feel incredibly lucky to have them. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season as well!