Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

We did a craft yesterday that the kids loved and provided quite a bit of entertainment for my little ones :) Since this week is all about Christmas Trees I thought we could make our own using our handprints. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE handprint crafts. It is so precious to look back on these little hands and remember when. It was also quite entertaining to see all the green handprints on the wall leading to the bathroom...thank goodness for washable paint!
These were as simple as they look, I helped the kids make the trees using their handprints and then they got to stamp the star using a foam stamp I had. Then I painted on the trunk and wrote their names and the year on each one.

Once the trees were dry the kids got to go crazy "decorating" their trees! Using their fingerprints they made ornaments and did some fun shapes with more stamps.

Here are our finished Masterpieces...the one in the middle is mine :) Britton was having a temper tantrum at this time so no picture for him ;) Besides that, we all had a wonderful time and I have these handprint treasures for years to come.