Pinecone Christmas Trees

Have you been looking for a simple, fast, FUN craft to do with your little ones this Christmas?

Look no further!!

This is one of those crafts that is so simple you feel silly blogging it...but I can't be the only mom that loves these kinds of things so I figured I would share :)

I found something HERE on Pinterest that inspired this little craft. We changed it up a bit to work better for small hands.
I love crafts that don't take a ton of prep or supplies...this one is simple in both aspects. Here are the fun Pinecone Christmas Trees we made.

These are as easy as the look :) All you need to get started are some pinecones spray-painted green. I used some of the cinnamon scented ones...my kids loved that they smelled too!

Then I just dumped out a bag of Mini Pom-Poms to use for our ornaments.

From there I let the kids go at it. They played for about an hour, decorating their little Christmas Trees. Once they finally settled on just the way they wanted them I hot-glued the pom-poms to the pinecones. My oldest daughter didn't want hers glued so she could decorate it again tomorrow :)

Yep...probably one of THE easiest crafts we have done, but the kids loved it. Just goes to show you sometimes simple is really best. Maybe I can keep telling myself that... ;)

Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you SO much for stopping by!!