Holiday-scented Playdough Gifts

My kids LOVE giving little gifts to their friends and cousins every year, and every year I try and come up with something fun, that they can help put together, and isn't too sweet! This year (thanks to Pinterest :) I found a great idea that we tweaked a little to give to all the cute little ones in my kids lives :)

I'm sure you have all seen the Gingerbread Playdough making the rounds on all the blogs out there :) Well, I made it last week with my kids and they LOVED it!! We had so much fun playing with it that we thought it would make a great gift as well. Because I can't do anything simple I thought it would be fun to make some other scents as well...Peppermint and Wintergreen. We packaged them up, added a cookie cutter, and here they are!

First up...you have to make your playdough! This was so easy and fun, if you haven't made the homemade stuff before...DO IT! Your kids will love helping and they will feel so proud that they made their very own playdough! I used the Gingerbread Playdough Recipe from HERE

And to make the Peppermint and Wintergreen Playdough I used THIS basic playdough recipe with my special ingredients...

Food coloring and flavoring to give it that wonderful holiday smell! For the Wintergreen we used green food coloring and Wintergreen flavor, and for the Peppermint we used red food coloring and, you guessed it, Peppermint flavor. I just found the different flavors in the baking aisle at my local grocery store...just make sure your little ones know these are JUST to smell...not to eat :) Because of the different spices in the Gingerbread Playdough you don't need any food coloring..it comes out a nice, pretty brown all on its own.

Now comes the fun part...the wrapping!! I wanted to get my kids in on the fun as well, so here is what we did!

Remember my love for brown paper sacks?? They're back! This time I took a cookie cutter (candy cane for the Peppermint Playdough, tree for the Wintergreen Playdough, and gingerbread man for the Gingerbread Playdough) and got out my acrylic paint. Then I let my kids make stamps on the paper bags to their little hearts content...I think they did a great job!!

Once our bags were all dry, I put a ball of playdough in a plastic baggie so it would stay sealed, dropped it in the paper bag, punched holes through the top and tied it off with ribbon and a fun little cookie cutter!

I don't know how I missed getting a picture of the Peppermint Playdough, but you get the idea :)

I loved that my kids could help with every part of this gift for their friends, including the handing out which we will be doing today!

Oh, I hope you are all just having a wonderful Christmas season!! We have a little stomach bug going rampant at our home, but I am just thankful we are getting it now and not this weekend :) Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out some of our last minute gift ideas!



Love this idea! Making playdough is on my list for the new year. And adding a yummy scent is even better! Thanks for the recipe!

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Your site is toooo cute Tonii! Love everything :) newest follower for sure