Christopher the Elf!

So is everyone else on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon?! We certainly are! This is the first year we have done it and the kids are loving every second of it. I have to say...my husband and I are too! :) Its fun to wake up every morning and see the joy and wonder of where Christopher will be that day. And I personally am loving Pinterest...its where I found each of these ideas.

Christopher in the fridge, turning our milk green.

Making snow angels in the sugar he dumped out on the table.

This was our favorite so far. The kids woke to Christopher holding a red marker with a note that says Go look in the mirror. They couldn't believe what they found!! My 4 little Rudolphs :)

So please share...what are some places your little elf has shown up? I have big ideas for our little guy...but I can always use more. This morning Kendall said, " I will be so sad when Christopher has to go back home." I just love the magic of little children and Christmas!!


Lisa Kay

So cute and creative! I was going to buy that this year but the elf that came with it was not nearly that cute. Where did you find your elf?

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

I don't have kids but even I want to do the elf on the shelf thing!LOL I love the one of Christopher making snow angels in the sugar.....so clever and cute.


I agree with Lisa! The real elf on the shelf is kind of scary... I love yours! Where'd you get it? My daughter is only one, and too young to understand still, but I REALLY want to do it, maybe next year.


Thanks everyone!! Our elf comes with a book called Christopher Popin-Kins and I got it at the Book Nook at Gardner Village. I thought all the other ones were a little odd too...once I saw him I had to have him ;)


I am really loving your blog! I have one idea to share, although it happened kind of by mistake for the fact that I forgot to move our elf one night. The next morning our girls were disappointed and wondered why he hadn't moved, while they were at school I put him in bed (in their barbie house) with a wrap over his eyes and a little cup of medicine on the nightstand, with a note saying he had been sick. There were even a few real tears of sadness for Christopher. So sad, but cute and one I know I'll never forget.