Witches Night In Party sneak peak...Witchy Headbands!

Every year all my sisters-in-law and I go to a local annual event called Witches Night Out. It is a wonderful tradition that we all look forward to. Every year Skylar is sad that she can't go with me so this year I thought I would have a little Witches Night In party with my girls the night before :) Our party is tonight and the kids are SO excited!

Originally I thought it would be fun to get everyone witch hats we could decorate, but then I saw the "hat" my sister-in-law Camille got for herself :) It was the cutest little headband with a small witch hat on top...I loved it! I thought something similar would be just right for my little witches and I wanted to share it with you today!

I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures while I was making this...I am not quite that talented. But all you need is a headband, small witch hat (Hobby Lobby:), tulle, feather and hot glue! My kind of project!

I didn't know exactly how I wanted this, but the way that ended up looking the best was glueing the feather down first, then putting a few pieces of triangle-shaped tulle on top of that. Then I glued the Witch hat on with another piece of tulle scrunched up on the back of it. I finished it off by adding some beads around the middle of the hat and there you have it!

It was so simple and I can't wait to put them on all my little girls tonight! Stay tuned for more Witches Night In fun...I love taking something simple like watching our favorite Halloween movie and turning it into a night we will all remember :)



I think this is so adorable! Perfect for the season!

Michele Alger

What an extremely fun tradition with your friends and what a great way to include your girls in it! I LOVE IT!!! I'm gonna have to keep this idea for MY girls...thanks for the idea! ;)

Love Sweet Love

That is such a stinkin' cute idea!!! They turned out adorable, what a great mom you are!!