Witch Scavenger Hunt

Have I mentioned I love Gardner Village?! :) I know...only about a million times or so! But honestly, this place just has an amazing feel to it and has provided my little family SO many wonderful memories. Although we had already been once with friends, we decided to go one more time for the season and go on the Witch Scavenger Hunt. The weather was perfect, kids were well-behaved and darling, and the day ended with cookies and hot chocolate...perfection!! :)

Isn't it gorgeous there? Makes me want to go back again :)

The kids always look forward to taking bread and feeding all the ducks...I always look forward to surviving the duck feeding without one of my children falling in the water. Success!

Then the Witch Hunt begins!! There are so many fun witches to see and the kids each have their favorites. The top 3 would have to be the hula-hooping witch, Witchy Poo, and the one having a hot dog and a Diet Coke :) I am STILL obsessing over that one witch we couldn't find....where ARE you witch with the "eye" phone?!?!

You can't see that fun witch hula-hooping without getting in on the action yourself :) My kids rocked the hula-hooping...see for yourself! :)

What a wonderful afternoon! Avrie was there...she just slept in ther carseat the whole time :) I love doing things like this with my kids. It takes all the mundane out of motherhood and replaces it with joy and excitement. I'm so lucky to have these little kids of mine, they are perfect for me. If you haven't gone to Gardner Village and you live here in good ol Utah....GO!! Just maybe wait until after UEA, we went then last year and it was a total madhouse :)

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Ok, you are going to kick yourself when I tell you this but the witch with the "Eye" Phone is like on the roof of the Storybook Nook. We walked around like a billion times looking for it and by some miracle I looked up and saw it. It was so hidden! She had a phone with googly eyes glued all over it.

Gardner Village is one of our FAVORITE places every season too! Now I can't wait for the elves to come. :)

I love all your pictuers. Your kids are the cutest!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Sounds like alot of fun!:) Looks like a gorgeous place as well.