Farm Week

Farm Week was pretty successful! I found some fantastic new resources I can't wait to share with you and we did some fun activities that our entire family enjoyed :) Get ready for picture overload!
First up we enjoyed reading Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider. This is a darling book that shows all the different animals you will see at the farm and what sounds they make. My kids loved taking turns looking through it and making the different animal noises that went with each animal.

There's no better way to learn about a farm then to actually go to one! We headed off on Monday to see all the different animals we were going to be learning about.
We recently discoverd a discovery area at the farm that is SO fun for the kids! They learn all about how food is planted, harvested, delivered to stores and then purchased and brought home. They can plant the seeds, pick them, and put them on the truck to go to the store. My kids loved every bit of it!
Once we got done playing there we went to feed some of the animals and practice the animal sounds we had read all about that morning! Here were some of our favorites...
A trip to the farm would not be complete without pony rides
And of course snacktime. I made sure to bring snacks that were grown on a farm to reinforce the idea that our food comes from farms. Fresh fruits and veggies for us! :)
Later on in the week we learned all about pigs one day. I found this fun craft online HERE. You can print off your very own pig template and then she used brown paint to simulate the pigs rolling in mud. I thought it would be more fun to use chocolate pudding...then the kids could REALLY get good and messy! And they did!!

Another really simple activity we did was to use the barn that we made for our A"cow"ntable Family Home Evening earlier in the week. Then I got out all of our Little People animals and had the kids put the farm animals in the barn and all the other animals on the table. It was a good way for them to practice sorting and reinforce what animals are found on a farm.
Finally I found this amazing website, 2 Teaching Mommies, that has free printable themed units for children! I printed off their entire farm unit and was thrilled with what it included. The great thing was they had two seperate units for younger and older children...so there really was something for everyone! This particular worksheet had all the different farm animals and the color they were supposed to be. It was a great way to work on colors as well as the different farm animals.
It was a great week and I think the kids learned alot. Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful week and keep checking back :) I am going to have a fun family service project idea, and a giveaway for all my wonderful followers!