Weekend Wrap-up!

And what a weekend it was!! You already saw how we spent our Friday night, enjoying our first of what I hope to be an annual Witches Night In party. Saturday was packed from start to finish and was a truly fantastic day.
First up: we had the girls last day of soccer. I was happy that they both played and enjoyed it so much...and happy that it was over! :) I am excited to have our Saturday's back again, but I know they will miss it too. Here is my fave pic from the whole day: all 3 of my big kids looking at the camera and smiling?! NEVER happens! :)

Now on to one of my FAVORITE events of the year...Witches Night Out! This is the 5th year we have attended and it has become a Johnson family favorite tradition. I am so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful family. I don't think I always realize how amazing it is that I get along with my in-laws so well, but I truly do. My sisters-in-law are my best friends, and my mother-in-law is honestly one of the most sweet, giving, and accepting women on the face of the planet. I love them all dearly and look forward to spending this night with them all year long! :)

We always start off the night by going to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. Delicious!

Then comes my favorite part of the night...The Witchy Awards! Years ago Camille and I thought it would be fun to give awards to each woman that attended our Witches Night. It has evolved into a wonderful tradition where we honor each other and celebrate what we love so much about all the amazing women in our lives. There is always one woman that gets the "Witch of the Year" award, and she is then responsible for doing the awards the next year. It has been so fun to see what different people do, one year everyone was given a color that represented them, one year a princess, one year a type of shoe, and this year a word that best described them. I always leave the awards in awe of the amazing women we have in our family and full of gratitude for having them in my life. I love you girls! :)

After that its time to head over to Gardner Village and Party! Well, maybe not party completely, we are some of the more reserved ladies out that night...but we still have a great time :)

The highlights from Witches Night Out 2011?

Learning that once again, you really can use duct tape for anything :)

Getting my pic taken with Winnie from Hocus Pocus ;) (Skylar about DIED when she saw it!)

Asking myself and all the others around me..."DO we care about bosoms??" :)

Another weekend for the books! I'm so blessed to be completely surrounded by friends that became my family and my family that have become my best friends.



Aw, that sounds so fun! I wish there was a witches night out here where I live. My family goes every year as well (in Utah). Great pics! You all look like a fun group of gals. :)