Hello again! :)

Well, its been a little while hasn't it?!
Last week was full of pretty much one thing....
Laundry. And then a little more laundry. And then aLOT of folding said laundry.
I honestly have no idea how I got so behind! But its all caught up now and I am so excited to have this last week before Halloween to spend with my family doing the stuff that really matters. I'm excited to share my all-time favorite sugar cookie recipe, a wonderful activity to help your kids learn the joy of service this spooky season and some fun things to do with the kids while we countdown to the big day!
So until tomorrow....I will leave you with this complete overdose of store-bought, absolutely NO craftiness on my part, so-NOT-making-my-kids-their-costumes-this-year collage of cuteness :)
Man,I love them.


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

LOVE, LOVE your costumes and your kids look so adorable in them! The buying at the store kind of costume is right up my alley. hahaha! My little Lila is going to be a strawberry too.