Barnyard Boo!

I don't know what it is this year, maybe my kids are just at really fun ages...but I can't remember a fall where we had so much fun! Usually I am anxious for Christmas to get here, but this year I don't want October to end!
One thing I absolutely love about where we live are ALL the great family-centered activities around. This week we braved the UEA crowds and went to Thanksgiving Point to the Barnyard Boo. They had a bunch of fun halloween activities along with all the normal things we love to do at the farm.

Seriously?! So precious!

They had a bunch of fun games the kids loved playing...and a bunch of cheesy prizes and treats that they loved even more! I think the pumpkin bowling was probably their favorite :)

Can't forget this little princess!! She truly is an angel, she loves to just sit in her carseat and play with her little toys.

And then when she gets tired she just pulls her little sleeping mask down and takes a little snooze ;)

Although it was an hour wait, my kids just LOVE getting their faces painted!

And finally....I found my newest food obsession. They had a little stand selling these fresh out-of-the-oven mini donuts...they were AMAZING!! We may be making another trip next week, thank goodness we have a season pass ;)



Those donuts look amazing! What a fun outing with the fam! And the bow on your little girls face takes me back to the days when I had a newborn girl. Strangers would walk up to me & say, 'um, your baby has her bow on her eyes'. Pretty funny!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

We went to the Barnyard Boo last Saturday and we thought it was fun too. The kids were reluctant when we drove up since the view of Cornbelly's overpowers the little old Barn, but I was pleasantly surprised with how fun it is when we got in and there were no lines!