Weekend Wrap-up!

Well, another great weekend has come and gone. It was the perfect mix of family, fun, work, and best of all...date night! :)
Friday night we had a mellow night in with the kids. I've got to tell you....if spinning were an olympic event, my kids would be some tough competition! This is what we did all night on Friday...watched them spin around the living room. Believe it or not...quite entertaining :)

In between spinning Skylar was having a great time getting abused by Avrie...slobbered on, hair pulled, you name it. Skylar loved every second of it :)

I was lucky enough to win some tickets on Facebook to Gardner Village's dinner theater show. And even MORE lucky to go with this handsome guy...

We had to stop by Sweet Aftons to get our fudge-fix. And if you're curious about the results of our taste test they are...Heavenly Hash came in third, Cookies and Creme a solid second, and the grand prize went to Creamsicle. SO good! However, they were all out of Root Beer and that one definitely would have got my vote:)

We were a little nervous about the dinner show at first. Poor Paul was one of 4 males under the age of 50 in the entire place. He's giving me looks like "You owe me BIG time for this....", but I am happy to say once it got going it was hilarious. We are still laughing about the tribute to boy bands of the 90's :)

I told you it was a great weekend :) I hope yours was as well and I also hope you'll stop by tomorrow for a really great fhe, and lots of fun pumpkin activities and crafts this week!


The Johnson Family of Colorado

You and Paul look so darling! I love watching your days and weeks of motherhood and wifehood. :) I also miss my little girl spinning and twirling. Enjoy it while you can!
Love you,
Aunt Susan


looks like fun stuff! way cute pictures