Beach Week!

I LOVE Beach Week at our house! There are so many fun activities to do and the kids always have a great time and learn alot. This time was no exception...the only problem was halfway through the week I misplaced my camera! SO, since we did some of these same activities last year I just included those pics instead, you get the idea! :)

The first craft we did was to go to the dollar store and pick out some cheap frames. Then we also got a buch of bags of sea shells. We came home and hot-glued the shells all around the frame. They turned out so cute, I am actually going to put them up in my beach-themed bathroom. No camera for this one, so here is a pic I found online that looked really similar to what we did.

We have a fun little "beach" by where we live and the kids absolutely love it! We went there two times last week, the first time with our fun cousins, and the second time all by our lonesome :) The second day I did something we did the last year that the kids loved...while the kids were out playing in the water I quickly had a bunch of sea shells for the kids to find. They LOVE using their shovels and buckets to find sea shells at our local beach. It is SO cute to see how excited they get. It is something SO simple that brings them so much joy.

(Again....no camera...pics from last year :)

The other craft we did was to decorate foam visors and talk about how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun when we are at the beach. The kids love anything to do with stickers so they all had a great time.

Finally for one of our snacks we made Beach Cups! All you need is some vanilla pudding, blue food coloring, Nila Wafers, and Swedish Fish.

While I was making the pudding, I put the kids to work. Put a bunch of Nila Wafers in a plastic baggie, give them a cup, and let them work out some aggression smashing those wafers to itty bitty pieces! Britton especially enjoyed this part :)

Once you have added blue food coloring to the pudding and got it to the right consistency, fill a small plastic cup about half way with the pudding. This makes up your ocean :)

Then you take those baggies back from the kiddos and dump the crumbs on top, making your sand.

Finally let your kids put some Swedish fish in there....and you've got yourself your very own Beach Cup!

Our letter of the week was the letter B, and HERE is the link to the tracer pages.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and thank you so much for stopping by! I am really excited about this week's theme, make sure to stop by next week to find out how it goes ;)