Saturday at the pool

We had THE best Saturday we have had in a long time! Paul was out of town for a week, and then the week he got home he had so much to do at work and a lot of things at night...it honestly felt like we hadn't seen him in two weeks. I wanted to plan a date night for him and I on Saturday, but when I was telling Skylar about it...she got so sad! I realized the kids missed him just as much as I did, so instead we planned a family date night at the pool :)

This pic totally cracks me up. Paul had ALL 3 kids hanging on him as they went around and around the lazy river. My favorite thing about it? My kids are all singing at the top of their lungs "Rolling down the bayou....rolling down the bayou!!" You know...from Princess and the Frog? We started singing that once when we went around, and now they call it the Bayou everytime.

Avrie looked a little concerned...:)

LOVE them :)

We stopped by a local ice cream shop after to top off the night...the kids were in heaven (and so was mom! Took a break from my healthy eating and had a huge cone of Burnt Almond Fudge...so worth it!:)

In looking for someone who loves ice cream as much as I do....I finally met my match! Look at Skylar's happy face :)

Since Skylar declared that EVERY Saturday night should be family date night, I think it was a success! Oh, I love this precious family of mine!


Hollie Hanson

How fun!!! See, this is why I need a point and shoot camera. I just can't get myself to lug my camera with me on fun things like this!
Your kiddos are SO cute!!!

The Fullers

Looks like sooo much fun. What swimming pool is that?