Cutting the Chaos...the Prayer Chair!

Hello everyone!! I hope you are enjoying these precious last few weeks of summer! With the start of the school year coming up I decided I wanted to rededicate myself to Cutting the Chaos in my home, so today I am posting one idea and will continue to do so at least once a week. This one was SO simple, literally took less than 10 minutes, and should really cut the contention at almost every meal in our home :)

ALL the credit for this idea goes to my amazing sister-in-law Jen! I saw this at her house probably a few years ago now, but haven't had the need for it in our home until recently. Does anyone else have the problem of kids fighting over who gets to say the prayer before EVERY meal? Up until the last 6 months my oldest was really the only one who ever wanted to say it. Recently that has changed to include my 4 and 2 year old as well, and I was getting more than a little tired of starting off every meal with a fight over who prays! Kind of ruins the spirit, right?! Reminds me of when my girls started hitting each other because they couldn't agree on the lyrics to Love at Home....ironic....;)

Anyways!! Jen had a cute little sign hanging on one chair that designated who got to say the prayer for that meal, and they would just rotate it around every chair so everyone got equal turns to pray. Now, we have set seats at our house, and that is really the only way this will work. Otherwise your kids will just fight over who gets to SIT in the Prayer Chair :) So I simply scrapped this fun little sign and printed off two copies.

Then I laminated both papers, stapled two equal pieces of ribbon to each paper and created our Prayer Chair sign! Here is what it looks like at my kitchen table...

Pretty cute, right? :) This morning at breakfast was the first time we used it and it was a hit! There was no fighting and the kids were excited for lunch when the Prayer Chair sign would make its move. It was so lovely to not listen to fighting and not having to try and remember who I had promised the next prayer to at dinner the night before.

Thank you SO much for stopping by, I hope you found a teensy bit of inspiration to Cut the Chaos in your life, even with something as simple as this :) Have a fantastic week everyone!!

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That is really cute! I made a wooden block "dice" and put our names on. (works perfect with a family of 6) usually the last person that prayed gets to roll it.

Franna and Jon Larsen

We have three kids so they are assigned a meal that they get to say the prayer for.

Kim Sandling

Love the idea! Thank you! At our house, we usually have the fight for who gets to say the prayer, then end up saying 2 prayers so both the kids can pray! I can hardly wait until my baby can talk so we can add a third voice to the fight!!!! I think I will be making a sign up today, so thank you for saving me!


I wonder if this would help at our house. We usually end up having a VERY blessed meal. All three of the little girls have to say the prayer.

Montrose Lewises

We're not at the point we need it yet, with our 1yo and 3yo, but I hope I remember it when we do! I love it!