Little love notes for my 1st grader

Well, I did it! I survived dropping off my big girl at her first day of all-day 1st grade :) Yes, there were tears (just mine and her brother and sister :) but I know she is probably loving EVERY minute of it.

I have loved all the internet printables I have seen floating around blogs for little notes to send with your kids in their lunches. I STILL remember once when I was in 1st grade and my mom wrote me a little note on my napkin and put in one of those funny little Troll dolls. It totally made my day and I wanted to make sure I did some simple little things like that for Skylar.

One of my greatest weaknesses if following through on things. I know me, and I know I have great intentions to do these fun little things but I also know life gets crazy and before you know it, we will be taking last day of school pictures! So this is one simple way I came up with to let my Skylar know how much I love her every week for the whole school year :)

Using my Silhouette I cut this cute little card holder and wording.

Then I went through and picked out 40 pics of my girl that I absolutely love, that bring a smile to my face and had them printed off in a 3x5 size at WalMart. Once a week I will take one of these pictures, write a little note on the back, stick it in the card holder, and hide it in her lunch box.

Throw in a little fun-size treat and you have some special memories in the making:) Then when she brings the card holder back home that day I will take it and save it for one day the next week, pick out an already printed picture and let her know one more reason why I love her.

This is what my little cutie found in her lunch box today, I hope she loves it and realizes how crazy we all are about her. I got one of those plastic photo holder things with all the different pages and thought it would be fun for her to put all her pictures in there, and by the end of the year her book will be filled with special memories and notes from her mommy.

Happy first day of school Skylar, I am so excited for you to learn, grow and develop even more of your precious talents!!


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Awwww, that is such a special idea! I bet she will treasure all her pictures you give her throughout the year. My oldest started 1st grade too (we are on year round school so this is his 5th week back). It's so weird having him gone all day long and I have so much more appreciation for the weekends now when the family is all together.