Birthday Breakfast at Tiana's Place!

My stubborn, sassy, bubble-gum loving, swimsuit-wearing, obsessed with lipgloss little girl turned 4 today! She has brought me so much joy, lots of exasperation, and makes me laugh every single day.

For 2 years now she has loved EVERYTHING Princess and the Frog. Anytime there is any choice of princesses, you know she is going to choose Tiana. Since I love to do something special for breakfast on the kids' birthdays I thought it would be perfect to create our own version of "Tiana's Place"!

When Kendall came down this morning I had the soundtrack to Princess and the Frog playing and the table all set up and ready to go. Again...please ignore the crappy pictures...it really was cute! :)

This was the sign I made, just punched holes all the way around and threaded sparkly green tulle and finished it off with a big bow.

If you have never made pom-poms before you must! These were so simple...all you need is some string and tissue paper. These are just too cute and add so much to the table.

I always try to do these breakfasts on a budget...to add a little something special I punched holes in a regular paper plate and tied tulle through them. I thought it added some flair :)

These little containers I filled with Hershey Kisses....you know...frog kisses ;) The kids LOVED having a little chocolate with their breakfast :)

Here is the birthday girl herself, 4 years old!!

And it wouldn't truly be breakfast at "Tiana's Place" if you didn't have some of her famous man-catching beignets!! :) I would LOVE to lie and say I made beignets from scratch....didn't happen. I had to be up at 4:30 this morning and just didn't think I could get them ready in time for breakfast. SO....I simply thawed some frozen rolls, fried them in hot oil, and then once they drained off a little sprinkled a generous amount of powdered sugar on top. Guess what? They looked just like the beignets in the movie and tasted delicious!!

We all loved them!! :)

Happy happy birthday to my precious Kendall! I hope your day is as special as you are and I hope you loved every minute of your breakfast at Tiana's Place!!


Hollie Hanson

You know, you are going down as the worlds coolest mom!
What a fun breakfast! I still can't believe she's 4. She is such a doll!
I love Brittons face too. sooo funny. It's like, "hey, what about me?!"

Ty and Whitty

adorable. Thank you so much for sharing and for linking up to Show and Share #2. I hope you are having fun at the party :)

A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

The mum of all trades

That all looks fabulous. What a lovely idea for a birthday! I'm sure they all had a wonderful time.

Chef in Training

so fun! I love the colors!

I would love it if you would share this and/or any other projects you have been up to at Tuesday Talent Show at Chef In Training Tomorrow! Plus there is going to be a fun giveaway too! Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!