General Conference is coming...

and I am so excited!! I love love love this time of year! I think I was inspired before I was put on bedrest to prepare some things for my kids for the upcoming events in our lives that I knew I would probably be down for (conference, Easter, birthdays, etc!) I almost forgot that I threw these simple little things together a few weeks ago, but remembered last night and thought it was a fun way to get your kids excited about conference. Not only that, but these would be great if you are in Primary, Activity Days, or Young Women's as well. They were super easy, cheap and I think the kids will love them :)

One thing I have found with my children is how important it is to make things like Family Home Evening and General Conference fun and something they look forward too. They are still so young they are not always capable of getting the spiritual "meat" that comes from these things...but I am thrilled when my kids get excited because they know its Monday night or they know we are soon going to be hearing the words of our Prophet. I think this excitement will translate in older years to truly enjoying the real reasons we have these things...not just for the fun treats. But hey, who am I kidding?? I am 28 years old with almost 4 kids and I STILL love the fun treats :) Anyway, last October I tried to make conference a little more special by doing a fun poem with some fuzzy socks that tied into feeling the Spirit. You can read all about it HERE.

This year I wanted to do something simple to get the kids excited for conference and looking forward to it. Here is what I came up with :)

All you need for this is some cute ribbon, Otter Pops, and a little note. I have posted the one I made here, please feel free to use it and let me know in the comments if you have any troubles gettting it, I would love to email it to anyone.

Once I printed off the note, I simply tied 3 Otter Pops together with the ribbon, taped on the note and there you have it! "General Conference is coming....COOL!!"

I think I will have these out for the kids on Friday morning to get them excited for Saturday. I hope you all have a wonderful General Conference weekend and enjoy those Otter Pops!! :)


Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Oh my goodness. LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing the great idea & the printable. I'll be using it & thinking of you!

Warmly, Michelle