Coming to you live from...

my very own hospital bed! :) This baby, like all her siblings before her, is once again anxious to make an early arrival to our home. Unfortunately for Avrie, its a little TOO early since I am only 30 weeks. I was admitted into the hospital 5 am on Monday morning and will be here til at least Thursday to make sure we have gotten a little bit of control of the situation. Even though we have been through similar situations with each of our children, it is always a scary and unsure time. I have been blessed with much peace at this time and wanted to share a few things today I am truly grateful for! :)

Modern Medicine - what a gift that I am able to bring babies into the world in this day and age. I was able to complete my last round of steroid shots for the babies lungs this morning, and it is absolutely amazing to me the things they can do for preterm babies.

Family - What we do without all your love and support?? As my heart aches for my little unborn baby that needs more time...it also aches for my 3 children I have at home. NOTHING is as hard on me as being away from my kids, but my family takes such good loving care of them. They cried when they left the hospital last night, and that made me cry too, but I know they are in loving capable hands.

There is so much more, but my heart is a little too full right now to write too much of anything that actually makes any sense! We have felt the love and prayers of people that we know, and still others that we don't that are praying for God's will in regards to our little Avrie. It is a challenging time for our family, but also one where we are able to closely feel our Savior's love for us and His involvement in our family. Thank you for all the love and support and we will definitely keep you updated!


The Fullers

I pray for everything to turn out ok for you and your baby. Let me know if you need any help with your kids. My girls would love to play someday


I hope she stays in for a lot longer and hope you get to come home soon. We are thinking about you guys.

Lori Sanderson

I am so glad to hear she stayed in a few days longer. We will pray she stays in even longer! Take care of yourself and if you guys need anything let me know. Does your husband and kids need dinner? I can bring some by on Friday night?

Karlee Turner

I'm so sorry you always have to do this! It's a good thing their worth it huh?! Hang in there!

Lindsey Hemara

good luck! I hope you get to come home soon and that everything will be ok.

Kim Milius

Prayers for you! And hoping that little Avrie will hang on for a few more weeks.

Miller Fam

These babies of yours are always so anxious to get here - and coming to a family like yours why wouldn't they be? :) We miss you guys and are hoping for the best. Lil' Avster's going to have a new playmate at the Miller's (however it'll be a boy - August 11th.)Hang in there with the bed rest and if the Johnson kiddos want a play date at the Millers - just let me know! We'd love to have them.

The Johnson Family of Colorado

We love you Tonii. You and your sweet family are in our prayers. We can't wait to meet Avrie next summer. :)

Uncle Paul and Aunt Susan