The pot of gold at the end of MY rainbow :)

That's what my kids are to me :) They are so wild, noisy, crazy...and they bring me so much joy. Today was a wonderful day spent enjoying them and making lots of fun memories in the progress. I can tell I have less patience and much less energy every week I get closer to having this baby...so I'm just glad I was able to pull something off at all.
Every year we start our day off with a fun, festive St. Patrick's Day breakfast and the go on a hunt for lucky clovers with gold on the back.
The kids loved their shamrock cinnamon rolls...I love those precious little faces!!

Then the hunt was on!! I LOVE this picture of Kendall...she was so excited to find a lucky clover!

Britton found one clover the entire hunt....but it was a lucky one so he didn't care!

Skylar obviously has the most experience, she totally cleaned house.

After our hunt we did a simple craft that was able to throw a little education into our day. I just gave the kids bowls full of equal numbers of each color of fruit loops. Then we made rainbows with them. It was fun for the younger kids to work on recognizing and sorting colors and Skylar just loves to do crafts of any kind!

This was Britton's attempt....:)

When we got home from picking Skylar home from school we found out a little leprechaun had been running wild through our home! He left 3 of these little vials for the kids with instructions to empty them into a bowl and add milk. Once you do that you have this yummy after school snack...


We ended the night with our traditional dinner of fettuccini alfredo, breadsticks and salad, all green of course :) The kids had a fun-filled day, the highlight of which was that silly leprechaun turning all the water in the toilets green. They are so easy to please!
Another great holiday has come and gone, I hope you enjoyed it in whatever way you chose to celebrate. I am now going straight to my room for a hot bath, huge cup full of Iceberg ice, and a fun novel :)


Lyndee W.

You're so fun! Sean almost wouldn't eat dinner because his mashed potatoes were green. I've never thought of tinting the toilet water...ah the joy of next year!

Lindsey Hemara

You are the most amazing mom ever. You put me to shame. I wish I was more like you, Tonii.