St. Patrick's Day Week!

What a fun week we have planned! For some reason I really love St. Patricks Day, and my kids do too! Skylar has planned about 4 different green outfits she can wear that day...can I tell you how much I love that she gets into holidays?! We have done some really fun things in years past so I thought I would just share some of those ideas and link to some fun new ones too :)

If rainbow pancakes, leprechaun hats, and a very festive dinner are your thing, check out my this blog post HERE.

If you want to try a simple, yummy breakfast your kids are sure to love I think you will enjoy this post HERE.

And if you need a last minute family home evening for tonight check out this REALLY fun fhe about rainbows HERE.

Here are some of my favorite activities that we have done in years past:

When the kids wake up and come out in the morning they will find the living room COVERED in clovers. The trick is there are only a few that have 4 leaves, the rest all have 3. Then we go on a hunt to find the lucky 4 leaf clovers, and the ones we find have chocolate coins taped to the back. We did this last year and Skylar loved it. I was planning on cutting all the clovers out but ended up finding a bunch at a party store that worked just fine, then I just made the 4 leaf clovers. If you do cut yours out I would reccomend laminating them so you don't have to go to that much work every year :)

This awesome stamp is made by using a heart cookie cutter on a potato, and then cutting the potato to make the heart shape. Then you use the potato as a stamp and just use a paint brush to make the stem. We are going to stamp a plain white tablecloth that we will be able to use every year in the future for St. Paddy's Day!

Okay, this next one is really fun!! After reading some kind of book about leprachauns and their gold, we went on a search for the gold at the end of the rainbow. I just hid clues all over the house and eventually they led to fridge, where Skylar found this adorable little bowl full of square yellow jellow jigglers. It was a blast!

Finally one of our favorite traditions is to make Leprechaun Dust.

You just decorate some little jars, add pistachio pudding mix and then let the kids add the milk and shake up....VOILA!! Their very own magic, yummy leprechaun dust becomes a delicious treat.

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patricks Day!!


The Fullers

These are such cute Ideas! I love St. Patricks day! Thanks for the fun ideas!


YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! I stumbled across your blog and found the rainbow FHE! My GIRLS LOVED it! They are learning about rainbows in preschool this week and have been talking about them all day! I can't wait to explore your blog more tonight when the kiddo's hit the sack! YOU ROCK!!! :)


I am so glad you found me Jackie :) And I LOVE hearing that someone else was able to use something from this little blog! You are so kind, thank you for the sweet words :)


Love the 4 leaf clover st.patricks day hunt. Going to use this idea at my preschool st.patricks day dinner. Thanks!

Wenni Donna

Hope your Patrick's day celebration was full of fun. Went for a retirement party of my father's friend at one of the exotic Chicago venues recently. All the arrangements were done single handed. Dinner was delicious and subtle colors used in decorations were attractive. Super dad theme cake was appreciated by all. Gifted them a huge bouquet and a luxury pen also.