New baby family home evening

We are getting so excited to welcome a new baby girl into our family, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a family home evening that not only talks about some of the ways our lives will change when baby Avrie comes home, but relates some common baby items to our lives to help us make the choices to be together forever.

When the kids come in I will have baby pictures up of them all from when they were first born. Then will talk a little bit about how we are each special children of Heavenly Father and sing I am a Child of God. Then we are going to go on a scavenger hunt to find 6 items we will need to help us take care of our new baby.

Baby Wash
Baby Books
Big Heart

Once we have gathered all the items and placed them in a basket we will talk about how just like a newborn baby needs all these items to learn and grow, we too need to do certain things to help us grown and become more like Jesus.

Formula – We have been given a body by a loving Heavenly Father. We need to take very good care of it and nourish it with healthy food and lots of fun exercise.
Blanket – It is important that we use the Sabbath Day as a day of rest. Just like babies need lots of sleep, we need one day a week to slow down and think about Heavenly Father and Jesus.

Baby Wash – Just like babies get dirty and need lots of baths, we too in life can make mistakes and need to be made clean again. That’s why when we turn 8 Heavenly Father has given us the opportunity to be baptized and made clean.

Baby Book – Babies have so much to learn and need us to help teach them. We ALL have a lot to learn about the gospel, that is why Heavenly Father has given us the scriptures and the words of our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, to help us learn and grow so we can return back to our Father in Heaven.

Diapers – Babies get very dirty and need to be changed often with a clean diaper. We also need to make changes often by saying I am sorry and repenting. Repenting means saying you’re sorry and trying to not do those things anymore.

Big Heart – Mostly babies need lots and lots of LOVE! We too need a lot of love, that is why we can always go to Heavenly Father and Jesus in prayer if we are ever scared or sad. They love us so much and want us to be truly happy.

I made up some cute cards that I will attach to each item so we can read through them one by one.

For dessert I am indulging my kids love of potty humor and making these cute napkin diaper cups with whoppers inside :) Pretty sure my kids will think their hilarious!


Little Miss Sunshine

Thank you for posting this! It's perfect. We too are expecting a little girl and I have two little boys that I'm trying to get ready for her. But with all the things going on right now I couldn't think straight to know how to create a lesson. So thank you thank you! I appreciate it :)


I just found your blog. What a great resource! Thanks for all the ideas. I am doing the baby one tonight as we just brought our new little one home not too long ago. Thanks again for giving such great ideas!