What do socks, french toast, and joy all have in common?

They are all things that were in abundance at our home this conference weekend! :) I really love General Conference, I think it is a beautiful time to not only hear the words of our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, but to forge stronger family bonds and create lasting memories and traditions.

I am a big lover of traditional foods, you know, the foods you only have on special occasions a few times a year. Our absolute favorite family breakfast is Creme Brulee French Toast. My sister-in-law made this for me right after I had Britton, and it is now tradition for Sunday Conference and Christmas breakfast. Here is the recipe (warning: it is VERY rich and VERY high in calories!!:):

A new tradition we started this year was our "Conference Socks". I always print off the conference packets you find online and put them in a binder with markers, crayons, and a matching game of pictures of the apostles. I also have little buckets filled with treats, amazing what kids will sit through with some crayons and fruit snacks! :) But in all seriousness, I love these packets, they help familiarize my little ones with all the Apostles and the reasons we have conference. ANYWAY...back to the conference socks! :)

This morning sitting next to the treat buckets and binders were pairs of fuzzy Halloween socks for everyone in the family. Every morning when the kids wake up they talk about how cold their feet are on the tile. I thought this would be a fun way to illustrate a principle I want to instill in the children: Feeling and recognizing the Spirit! So to tie it all together here is the poem I came up with (take it easy on me, I wrote it at 7 this morning, not my best work ;)

Conference Socks

On cold fall mornings, it can get a little chilly,

Walking around on the cold tile, it just seems a little silly!

So here are some warm fuzzy socks, to put on your little feet,

But when you put these on, I want you to think of something even more sweet.

Today we listen to Conference and feel the Spirit of the Lord,

We listen to President Monson, he tells us of Heavenly Father's words.

Just like the socks make our feet feel warm, the Spirit can warm our hearts too,

And when you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, you know what you hear is true!

So every time you put your socks on, I want you to remember what you feel,

President Monson is a prophet, and Heavenly Father and Jesus' love for us is real!

Cheesy....YES! Did the kids get a kick out of it....YES!!!

I am so grateful for General Conference. I have been praying for guidance lately, and the things I heard this weekend reminded me of the covenants I have made, the things that are truly important, and areas in my life I need to be more vigilant in following after my Savior. It was a wonderful weekend :)



How am I the first one to comment on this? Oh, maybe it's because everyone doesn't want to write the same thing on every post. A.MAZE.ING! You are incredible. I love all your great ideas...keep them coming.