Build Your Blog Conference 2013...are you going??

Build Your Blog 2013

SO....anybody else going to this big shin-dig tomorrow??

One of THE absolute sweetest bloggers I have had the pleasure to meet passed a ticket on to me to attend and I could NOT be more excited!  The amazing gals at Six Sisters Stuff (I owe must of my successful dinners to them ;) are putting on this exciting conference that is going to be jam-packed with goodness!!

I am kind of nervous...I don't ever feel like a REAL blogger, you know?!  BUT...I am looking forward to the great classes and meeting some wonderful, inspiring people :)  Are any of YOU going??

If you are and you want to hook up...just look for the HUGE pregnant lady waddling around with no clue! ;)  Have a great weekend everyone!!



I want a full report on how totally awesome it is. :) Have the best time! Wish I could be ther as well!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

I am so sad that I missed it!! I guess I've been in my own little blogger world and can never keep up with all the blogger stuff that goes on. By the time I heard about it the ticket price had raised and was more than I could afford. :( I hope you had a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Tonia L

Yay! I hope you had fun!