Truffula Tree Pens

Are you ready for an incredibly easy and quick activity that your kids will love?!  

I mentioned I am trying to take it easy around here, making sure my little baby boy can postpone his arrival for at least another month.  I am almost 32 weeks so we are getting there!  In the meantime I have to take it easy so ALL the treats, crafts and activities you see on my blog in the next few weeks will have one thing in common...SIMPLICITY!!  Which is really great, because aren't all our lives just a little crazy?  Who doesn't need to simplify a little bit ;)

Today we decided to make our very own Truffula Tree Pens!

The wonderful people over at Craftprojectideas.com sent me these great items that I KNEW would be perfect for our Truffula Tree pens.

We really loved the Ultimate Fuzzy Kit...not only did it have pipe cleaners and pom-poms...but who doesn't love googly eyes?! ;)  And can I tell you my favorite part...the packages are re-sealable :)

So making these pens was about as easy at it gets.  We just wrapped a pipe cleaner around the bottom of a plain white pen, and then snaked it up until it had wrapped around the entire the thing.

After we had the pipe cleaner on I simply hot-glued a big pom-pom on the top...and our Truffula Tree Pens were done!

The kids loved making these...and all I had to help with was the glueing part :)

Once our pens were ready to go, we got to work on the worksheets I printed out from one of our favorite websites, www.seussville.com.  They have everything from coloring pages, math worksheets, writing prompts and even some fun recipes.  You can search by book or activity...it is a great resource for all your Dr. Seuss fun!!  

Making Truffula Tree Pens was a great way to spend our morning...they would also make fun party favors or gifts for little friends :)  Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

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Lorie K

Those pens are adorable!


aw what a fun idea!!
so cute:)


Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat

too cute!! My youngest loves to color, we could do this with his colored pencils, he'd love it!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Ahhhhh...I'm dying over how simple and cute this is!! I have been such a slacker with Dr Seuss stuff this week but so I was on the hunt for easy ideas to do with the kids on Saturday. Can't wait to do this!!

JDaniel4's Mom

These are adorable! I love their simple and clean lines. I am going to share this post on Pinterest and Facebook.